Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete(SFRC) is a composite material formed by adding steel fibers into the concrete mix prior to pouring on site. The addition of steel fibers turns the normally brittle concrete into a more ductile material with an enhanced structural performance.


Use of the SFRC+Steel Deck system can remove the need for traditional mesh or rebar reinforcement with all its associated problems of handling, storage and safety. Composite Steel Deck Slabs can be constructed faster and cheaper using the SFRC.

SFRC+steel deck composite structure

SFRC and Steel deck composite structure works as suspended slabs in a building putting steel decks on the beams and pouring steel fiber reinforced concrete on them.

BUNDREX SFRC & Steel-Deck composite structure solution shows sufficient bearing capacity that satisfies load condition on the suspended slabs.

Working Process


Placement of steel-deck on the beams


Preparation of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete


Placement of SFRC on the steel-decks



Advantage of SFRC & Steel-deck Composite Structure for Suspended Slabs


Cost Efficiency

  • Optimal bending and shearing moment bearing capacity.

  • Improved durability due to superior crack control.

  • Cost improvement by 5~10% through short construction time and reduced material cost.


sfeed-pro for suspended slabs

SFEED-PRO-SOF is based on ANSI/ SDI-2017 and TR-34 & 36.
SFEED-PRO-SOF is verified of its conformity of the design standards through the performance test
by an authorized test body.

SFEED-PRO, developed by R&D team of BUNDREX reflecting state of the art construction design standards of EU & US, provides the best structural design solution to our customers in order to realize the superior performance of our steel fiber.

SFEED-PRO-SOF is a program to design suspended slabs.
It shows slab thickness and steel fiber dosage alternatives to meet floor circumstance. 

BUNDREX keep updating the program reflecting the state of the art technology to satisfy customers' needs.


  • Design standards: ANSI/SDI C-2017, TR-34 & 36

  • Unit: SI

  • SFRC performance parameter: Re3, CMOD value

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